can you figure it out?

What do you do in the morning?

I get asked this all the time! And the truth is that my mornings are terribly boring, but that’s by design. I prefer a calm, boring morning because the afternoons tend to get rushed for me.

So I wake up and sit in the darkness of my bedroom for a little bit. I breathe deeply and I prepare myself for the coming day. I generally then go over what I wrote the day before and what I want to write that day. TRUTH: I don’t always meet my writing goals! And that’s okay with me.

I then go downstairs where the coffeepot is already on and the coffee is ready to go. I pour coffee into my huge mug – yes, I have one – and I smell it. I add half and half and nothing else. Is that weird? I then stand at the sink and gaze out the window. Then I wander my way to the front room window and peek outside. It’s usually very quiet. In the winter it’s usually dark.

Then I get to my office and get to work. It’s really that simple. I love what I do for a living and I’m blessed I get to do it full-time.

I know, you were all hoping for some strange ritual, weren’t you?


So tell me what’s your routine like?

Get involved!

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