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Bye Bye Outline

Yeah, so this happened today…

I have 1/4 left in this new Olivia Mablebrooke novel and I decided I hated the ending. Seriously?! I sat there and reviewed the remaining chapters and couldn’t stomach it. It was a jumbled mess of too much. So I slashed it. I shredded it. I started over. Well, at least the last 1/4.

It’s funny because that’s how writing goes for me once in a while. With GUILTY AS WITCHED that outline was perfection. Beginning to end. With this new novel, I felt uneasy for so long. I reworked it several times. What it took though was just jumping into the book. As I started to navigate these ‘new waters’ it really blossomed. There’s this cliche about the character taking over the book… well, I won’t be cliche, but it almost happened here.

I realized when reviewing the entire outline and rereading what I had written that I left so many clues, it was exciting. But then it looked like a dud at the end. How in the world can I build up this book and just have it fizzle?! It’s like when you’re a kid and you’re holding the unlit sparkler. You’re terrified it’s going to burn your hand off. Then someone lights it and it… fizzles. It sparks. It… does… nothing.

No way. I don’t want that for you, Reader. At the same time, I don’t want your hand to blow off (lol) but I want you to be EXCITED. I want you to finish this new novel and go HOLY CRAP. Which you will now.

I just wanted to share that with you since I was getting some buzz about it on Twitter. I’m not a fan of ripping up an outline, but this one needed it. And truthfully, I feel so good about it. Especially going into the weekend!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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