can you figure it out?

Is this rumor true?

I know it’s not really a rumor if you talk about it yourself… but… there has been some talk about a “Christmas/Halloween” type book… and I’m here to set the record straight.




Okay, here’s the plan. You all know that my debut novel (Guilty at Witched) is free. I hope you’re read it. My first novel launch – meaning publishing on Amazon – is coming October 5th. Less than a month away! But right after that… November 3rd… comes ANOTHER book for you to read! It mixes Olivia’s witch-ness… that Halloween vibe… and takes place the week of Christmas with the book ending on Christmas morning!


So please make sure you’re involved on my page, my group, my mailing list… whatever… so you don’t miss these two awesome releases!



Get involved!

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